Any place, any time.

Sometimes the right place is on location.

Sometimes the right place is in a studio.

Sometimes the right place is in a studio, on location!

A few years ago, I did a large project, shooting the over 300 participants of the 6th ACT Ride over three days at their lunchtime pit stops. I did the ride myself the previous two years, and knew what to expect; I wanted to focus on the people and the amazing energy they had, despite their incredible fatigue. To do this, I wanted to use a plain white background (inspired by/ripped off from Avedon). This meant flying a nine foot roll of white seamless paper—outside in the wind—at high noon, which also meant either finding or making shade. It was a challenge, but totally worth it: that project remains one of my favorite accomplishments.

The same principles apply to every shoot I do: sometimes it's best to shoot on location with available light. Sometimes it's best to bring the light. Almost any space can become a workable studio.

Contact me for a consultation about what's right for you and your project. We'll determine the location and the approach, and then have a great time during the shoot.

(and if you don't believe that we'll have fun, I understand: I don't like having my picture taken either... we really will make it painless.)