I admit it, week five and I’m already resorting to a bit of a cheat…

First, it’s really not week five anymore – I missed that.  Second, while I did do a ton of shooting last week, I decided when I started this that I wasn’t going to piggyback on shoots I was doing anyway; P26 shots should be specifically for P26.

Well, since I’m playing catch-up here, I’m bending both rules and posting a new treatment of an old image.

I do a reasonable amount of post-processing, but—other than the obvious exception of all the black and white conversions—I tend to stick to generally representational color: the colors look more or less like they did to the naked eye.

I’ve been branching out and experimenting with different looks lately.  The Fresco Opera promos got a touch of a cross processed look (“cross processing” is when you develop color transparency film in color negative chemicals or vice-versa), and I liked how that turned out.

I’ve been using some of my older shots as color-tweaking fodder.  This one seemed like a natural fit for something fairly extreme.

Yeah, the treatment is a little trite for the subject matter, but I’d never done this before and wondered if I could make it work.  Trite or not, I liked the result, so here it is:

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Fresco Opera Theatre has a really fresh, interesting vision; their last show was “Dueling Divas” and featured the performers singing from a boxing ring and competing for a title belt.

Their next production is called “Ding Dong the Diva’s Dead” and will feature opera death scenes staged as classic horror movies. It’s fun to work with people that have such a clear vision!  The models were absolutely terrific, and wonderful to work with.

Here are two shots from the session… Madison folks, keep an eye out for the promos, and come to the show, October 8th and 9th at the Overture Center.

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