13  Oct
A few ACT 6 shots

I do actually work with non-musicians sometimes (*gasp!*). Those of you that know me personally know that I’ve participated in the Wisconsin ACT Ride the last few years as a rider. I chose not to ride this year in order to not ditch my wife for four days and three nights with a four year old and a newborn. (I love my wife, and would like to stay married to her…)

So this year, I did a portrait project of the participants—riders and crew—instead. I’ll have more on this project later, along with some how-to posts, but for now, here is a small preview:

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Who knew keeping a blog up to date would be the easiest thing to let slide?  I’ve got a ton of stuff for you, going all the way back to spring: shots from the Prairie Music Academy Jazz Gala (featuring the Academy Quartet, students, and the Jackie Allen Quartet); shots from the Wisconsin AIDS Ride (ACT6); a how-to on shooting with a portable studio (using the ACT 6 photos—I set up a 9′ roll of white seamless every day on the ride); shots from a portrait session with Hanah Jon Taylor; and some surprises.

I suppose I could bring up the birth of my second daughter this summer to explain why I haven’t updated my blog, and maybe even mention that it was an unplanned home birth—I delivered her in our bathroom—but that’s just a cheap excuse.

Unless you’re willing to accept it…

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