I love grid spots. They allow you to really control your light in a way that nothing else can… I know, I hear you saying, “what about snoots?” I generally only use a snoot if I need to highlight a detail in a scene, and use a grid spot for larger light. Works for me… do what works for you.

Details on what I’m using, how I made it, and some other ways to use it after the jump.

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05  Apr

in a music lesson

I went to the Prairie Music Academy to shoot photos for their new promotional brochure and website redesign.

They’re also having a Jazz Gala at The Brink Lounge in Madison on April 19th. If you’re in the area, go check it out!

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05  Apr
Freedom Fest ’08

Duriel Harris

I shot Freedom Fest here in Madison on February 22.

Freedom Fest is presented by The Madison Center for Creative and Cultural Arts (if the website is still just showing Freedom Fest info, do a google search for them).

There are still links to the galleries on the home page; you can also find them in the galleries page.

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I had planned to make another trip to Toronto to cover the latest in the excellent TorontoJazzBuzz series, but had to miss it due to a broken leg.
Keita, the driving force behind TJB, is a great guy with a huge heart. Unfortunately, producing great jazz programming also requires a huge checkbook.
You can help keep this worthy series going by purchasing prints from maxwendtphotography.com! For each print sold, I will donate a (large) portion of the proceeds to TorontoJazzBuzz.
Contact me to learn more!

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03  Apr
Now, with blog!

I’m converting the “news” portion of my website to a blog.

Why? Because the world needs yet another blog in general, and especially another photo blog!

I’m going to populate this with some older news, and I haven’t figured out how to backdate things in WordPress (the blogging software I’m using)… sorry for any confusion!

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