One of my main goals for this project is to push myself to shoot in ways I normally wouldn’t.

I often like to have a bit of motion blur in my concert shots; they add a nice dynamic touch that really helps capture the excitement of the moment.  I tend to limit them to smaller accents in a larger, overall sharp image, though.

I really love a good, full-on blurred shot every now and then; I just tend to shy away from shooting them myself.  Whenever I see I good one, I always think to myself, “you should work on that.”

So here we go… my daughters often like to have “dance parties” and this is a shot from today’s:

shake that thing!

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I was planning for this week’s photo to come from the Hillside area of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, where we were supposed to be for Family Fun Day Wright 4 Kids (can’t get used to the new name), but a fever of 101 kept us home – poor kid! :(

So… here’s a picture of some onions.

hey, look - onions!

We’ve had a share from Greenspirit Farm for a few years now, and pretty much every week, I look at the veggies and exclaim, “I want to take a picture of that ________!”  Well, I finally did it.

I know at least one of you is thinking, “hmm… doesn’t capture the sensuality I would expect from a Weston veggie knock-off” and you’re right.  But that wasn’t really my goal; to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a pair of onions is just a pair of onions.  (I couldn’t get a composition I liked that included the leaves with just one.)

I also meant to break away from black and white this week, but this will be another example in the black and white conversion post, which is in the works.  Color soon, I promise!

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As I mentioned in the kickoff post, I’m going to be pushing myself out of my comfort zone a bit.  I always see things that I think would make cool shots, but I rarely follow through and actually get out there to shoot them.

I had the pleasure of meeting photographer David Franzen a few weeks ago.  David’s blog is at; go check it out (but please come back!).

David takes the kinds of photos I wish I took when I’m out and about.  In the interest of doing some more of this kind of shooting, I saw these clouds and thought, “hey, why not?” and took the shot.

Out of my comfort zone: check.
Shooting everyday stuff just because: check.
P26 week 2 complete: check.

Thanks for looking!

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Let’s kick this thing off!  (if you don’t know what P26 is, check out my previous blog post…)

Okay, so I light most things.  It’s not that I don’t like natural light, it’s just that I don’t like worrying about finding shade or dealing with the ever-changing amounts of it; clouds come and go, the subject doesn’t stay in the good light because it’s boring there, the stupid earth rotates… you just can’t win!

It’s not always practical to light stuff, though, and I need to just get over it.

I don’t actually attach any particular value to using lights or not using lights… they’re just different approaches to get different results; IMO, neither is implicitly “better” than the other.  For me, lighting is just easier because it’s predictable.

But it’s time to let go and accept the chaos once in a while.


This is my younger daughter, doing her movie star thing.  Okay, really, she’s sitting on a little scooter thingy and just hanging out with her sister and cousin, but she looks like she’s contemplating what she’s going to wear on the red carpet.

And there was some insanely heavy cloud cover, so the light was very soft and totally consistent… I almost feel like it was cheating!

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