I’ve known Chris for years, but until this afternoon, had never actually met him in person, when the CGQ came to Madison to play in the Jazz on the Plaza series. Turned out not to actually be on the plaza, though: despite there not being a cloud anywhere in the sky, the concert was moved inside “in case of rain.” It was fun to hear these guys live, and of course, I shot some photos.

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I had planned to make another trip to Toronto to cover the latest in the excellent TorontoJazzBuzz series, but had to miss it due to a broken leg.
Keita, the driving force behind TJB, is a great guy with a huge heart. Unfortunately, producing great jazz programming also requires a huge checkbook.
You can help keep this worthy series going by purchasing prints from maxwendtphotography.com! For each print sold, I will donate a (large) portion of the proceeds to TorontoJazzBuzz.
Contact me to learn more!

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